Friday, April 13, 2007

U of O Log Cabin

U of O Log Cabin, originally uploaded by a-chan.

I love this log cabin knitting. It's so much fun. I'm sort of liking my yarn, although I think I might need to take a strand of each color and take it to the store so I can get some more varied colors... especially with the green, almost all of my green is dark and since it's for a baby, I kinda don't want it to be too dark.

A couple more times around and I might be done, or i might just keep going until I'm out of yarn.

Next post, I promise a picture of my green and pink scarf.

I'm already thinking about what my next blanket will be. I really want to do a log cabin for the state fair (and then for me to keep once I'm done). I was thinking of using some Plymouth Fantasy Natural. I really like that yarn. It's the bright green stripe in the picture above. I forgot how much I liked it until I pulled that scrap ball out of the stash. I believe it's my fave cotton yarn.

As for another blanket I'm thinking of doing, a giant granny square

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