Thursday, November 15, 2007

Down the Rabbit Hole

DSC_0256.JPG, originally uploaded by a-chan.

I'm not much into sewing... sure I have dreams about sewing a whole bunch of things, but when it comes down to it, I never really do anything. Anyways, my niece wanted to be Alice for Halloween and the Alice costumes at the stores this year didn't really look like Alice dresses.... they were all princessed-up *gag* So, her mom was shopping for a pre-made dress on ebay and they were so expensive! I talked her into making one.

On friday night we cut all the pieces out, the next weekend we sewed the top half with help from my sis-in-law's mom (who then finished the dress part the next day).... My friend baby-sat one night and we came home and it was done! We should have known better because Valeska is known for her anime costumes. But we were glad it was done!

We didn't see any other Alices trick or treating and I don't think we saw any other handmade costumes! Alivia had a great time! Although, some people didn't know what she was.... I think it's pretty clear!

So anyways, the costume was fun to make and I do see myself sewing more often, but probably not in the near future as the Christmas knitting is less than half done!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Peekaboo!, originally uploaded by a-chan.

(sorry about the crappy picture, it's from my phone)

To prove that I have been knitting, I introduce you to Peekaboo

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport - held double through-out
Needles: us size 7's (dpns)
Pattern: Peekaboo from Magknits

No changes that I remember. I had to rip the tops out of them several times to get the right hight, they're still not exactly the same. I don't like the decreases, so If I knit these again, I'll probably use a different top.

I love the finger holes! They're so convenient! They're for me, but I think I have enough yarn to knit two more pairs in smaller sizes (like, for the nieces).

Another FO:


Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Ballerina (less than half the skein) and Plymouth Encore worsted, held together through-out
Needles: us size 17
No pattern

A basic garter stitch scarf for my grandma. I'm not one to usually go to the dark side (novelty yarn and huge needles), but I did for this fast knit. I got a little scared that I didn't have any Christmas gifts done, so I whipped this one out on Sunday.

At the Blue Moon Fiber Arts de-stash sale on Saturday, I picked up the Ballerina (can't even find a listing for it on Ravelry), a hank of Rio in lapis, a skein of what looks like Gingerbread Dude in STR mediumweight, two skeins of STR lightweight in what looks like two of the Raven series, and two skeins of neon STR lightweight that missed their bath and are not superwash. It wasn't as successful of a trip as I hoped. I really wanted to find enough STR to knit the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SnB (3 skeins of two different colors to be held together... but I can't afford that at full price)

I should have more FOs soon because of gifts. I already started a feather and fan scarf out of the neon STR.