Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Stocking Ornament


This is a very rough draft of this pattern. I've been asked about it, so I thought I would just post what I have. I've only knit it once and gave it away, so this is all from memory:

I basically just used a simple sock pattern, this sock pattern is a good example, the toe-up version. I used size 3 needles and DK weight. I think I cast on 8 stitches with Judy’s Magic Cast on, increased a few times (but not as much as the pattern). knit for an inch, do the short-row heel (there's one in the pattern I linked to, adjust the numbers, though, since you’ll probably be using a different number of stitches).

After the heel, knit for a few inches (however tall you want the stocking). Change to the cuff color (I used a worsted weight from my stash) and k1p1 ribbing for 1.5 inches. I did an i-cord loop. When I changed from the red to white, I didn’t cut the red, so I just picked up 3 stitches with the red from there. make your loop as long as you want it. a couple of inches is probably good. I stuffed it lightly and sewed the top closed (like in the hat pattern, right above the color change, so there’s no red showing).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa hat ornament


I came up with this design for an ornament exchange party.

Santa Hat

Knit Picks DK Swish red (1)
White yarn from stash. DK, sport or worsted would probably work

US size 3, dpns or circs. I used dpns

Tapestry needle
Pom-pom maker (optional)
Stitch markers (optional)


With white, cast on 40 stitches (10 on each dpn if using 4)
K1 P1 for 1.5 inches

Change to red, st st for 1 inch

Start decreases:
Row 1: (ssk, k16, k2tog) twice
Row 2 and all even rows: knit
Row 3: (ssk, k14, k2tog) twice

Repeat row 3, kniting 2 less stitches between the decrease sections until there are 4 stitches left. Cut yarn, leaving at least 12 inches, pull through last 4 stitches.


Make small pom-pom. I used a a small pom-pom maker, but any way will work.

To make the loop, I've used two different ways. The first way is a two stranded braid. You will need to pull an additional piece of yarn through the top of the hat. The second way is to do a regular 3 stranded braid. I found this easier.

Cut a piece of yarn at least 24 inches long. Thread both ends through the top of the hat:


Braid until you're almost at the end. Thread the braid through a tapestry needle (I do the short ends that are still unbraided and push the needle till it meets the braid). Pull the braid through the middle of the pom-pom, pulling the pom-pom down as far as it will go. It should be sitting on top of the hat. put the tapestry needle back through the pom-pom and through the top of the hat, but don't pull tight. Leave the loop bigger than you want. Secure the braid to the inside of the hat. Knot the loop as close to the pom-pom as possible (gives it more of a finished look, but you don't have to do that).


Stuff lightly. You don't have to weave in the ends that will be inside the hat. With the brim folded up, sew the hat closed:


I tacked the brim into place in a few places so it wouldn't come unfolded.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So, I wrote a pattern...

But it's not ready yet. I took pictures of the finished items, and some during the process. But my computer froze every time I tried to upload the pictures. Go figure.

There's actually 2, but I've only finished the pattern for one.

Want the background story? Richard's department at work always has an ornament exchange party and I've always wanted to knit the ornament, but I've never done it. This year, he asked me to do it. I started out with Eunny Jang's cabled globe ornament (rav link), but I didn't have the right yarn, so I went down to size 3s and it turned out okay. I tried a second one, but with even thinner yarn (don't know what I was thinking) and size 2s. That one took way too long!

My next idea was to knit a mini sock in red and white. I knit a tall, red baby sock with white cuff and lightly stuffed it, added an i-cord loop, sewed the top closed. It turned out really cool! It was a bit bigger than I originally thought it would be.

Then it hit me, knit a matching Santa hat! I cast on like I was knitting a regular hat, knit the brim in white, switched to red, decreased, added a braid for a loop, added a small pom-pom, secured the loop. And I had a hat!. I really didn't want to give them away! They were a hit at the party!

I gave the two cabled balls as a hostess gift (Richard's idea, they were both blue). And I crocheted a Christmas pickle for the host, too. All in all, a successful party.

Because I thought the hat was too cute, I cast on for another one yesterday making sure to take notes. I think the second one turned out just as good as the first one. On the first one I did a 2 stranded braid (basically just plying by hand) and the second one I did a regular 3 stranded braid. It just seemed easier and less fiddly.

Now I need to write the pattern for the stocking. Not like I don't have enough to do! I reserved Saturday for baking cookies, but it turns out my cousin is on leave from Afghanistan and they're have a lunch party for him on Saturday.

I'm starting to feel a little bah-humbuggie. I have my work's fancy shmancy party Friday night and lunch with friends Sunday. Then there's the party on the 23rd. I have to work on the 23rd and the 24th, so that's very not convenient for me!

Bah Humbug!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Little House on the Prairie Swap

I've been participatign in a Little House on the Prairie swap. It's from a readalong group on I wish I had taken pictures of the things I sent, that would have been good blog material. Anyways, I got my package from Bethany on Saturday. It was funny because I had just put Sabrina down for a nap and I was peeking through the peephole to see if the mailman was there... and he was! I'm glad he didn't ring the doorbell, but he did knock rather loud. The swap had a $15
limit and we had to thrift the items and hand make them. Almost everything I sent was something I had already had on hand or previously made. I did buy some Moonstruck Chocolates and Marionberry jam.

Here's some of the loot:

Swap shtuff

Swap shtuff

Swap shtuff

Swap shtuff

I used a less than good camera since mine was upstairs and I didn't want to wake Sabrina when I went up the stairs. I really love the sheep notions bag and the needle book is much nicer than the one I made (I did try to freehand it when I should have just followed the instructions).

Thank you Bethany, everything is wonderful! I've already put all my Christmas card origami box making supplies in the sewing box (to the relief of Richard, he was really tired of all the squares being out where Sabrina could get into them).

Saturday, December 5, 2009

20 months old already?


bell (doorbell and Tinkerbell)
sock (sounds like a naughty word)
shoe (zooshoo)
kitty and meow
doggy and woo woo
bonzai (because that's what the penguins say when they jump into the bath)
NaNa (Richard's mom, who choose NaNa)
Nanny (My mom, who goes by Granny)
bunny (sounds like kitty)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November's books


31 The October Country (RR) - Ray Bradbury
32 The Halloween Tree - Ray Bradbury
33 By the Shores of Silver Lake (RR) - Laura Ingalls Wilder

After my last post, I decided that while I can't reach 50 books, I can at least see how close I can get. I would like to set my new goal at 40, but that's 7 books in December. I'm thinking 38 is more realistic. I'll start over in January and see if I can do 50 next year.

In other news, I have sent a swap package off and I'm nervous. This is only my second swap and it's a lot harder than the first. I hope I did okay.

I have also lost my memory card that has all the Thanksgiving pictures. Doh! I switched it out on Saturday since I was running low on space. I have all the pictures from the Seattle trip, but nothing from Thursday.