Thursday, August 9, 2007


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Before heading out camping, I decided to find a longer US size 9 circular for the baby blanket I'm knitting for a friend. I dug around and finally found one (in the time-out basket). It was hanging out in a baby blanket I started last year that I had bound off and then decided I didn't like the edge and I ripped a few rows out and knit it again (like 3 times).... I then banished it to time-out, with the needle still in it.

On top of that blanket, I found Evan's blanket. Evan was born a month early (in January) and I was almost done with it. I realized I needed one more ball of the black for the border and the LYS was out... so it was banished. When I picked it back up the other day, I noticed that I still had quite a bit of the green left and that I should knit to the end of the green, even if I didn't have the black.

That is how Evan's blanket ended up going camping with us. I pulled it out the second night by the campfire and Richard exclaimed "You're knitting your nephew a Slytherin blanket?" Uhh... I didn't think of it that way... So now it's called the Slytherin blanket and yes, I'm still giving it to him because I love green and black... It's not the blankets fault that it has gray in it.

So now I'm done with the green and it's been banished again until I find two balls of black Reynold's Utopia. I've never done an i-cord boarder, but I think it might be fun... and this would be good practice because it's going to be over 600 stitches when it's time to bind off (yeah, another pinwheel).

Here's another shot, so you can really see the colors:


And I've been working on Gracie's blanket. I've gotten a bit farther than where this picture is.


Anyways, my ravelry name is "chiaknits" if you want to add me. I wonder if Ravelry will replace this blog...

Oh, and yeah, the knitting does smell like camping now, it will come out in the was *crosses fingers*