Thursday, February 22, 2007

Project Spectrum

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I joined another -along. This time it's Project Spectrum. (click the image above to get a full run-down of what this is) Last year I wasn't organized enough to even try. This year, it's all different. I'm finishing projects!

So, Feb. and Mar. are the first two months. The colors are blue, white, and gray. I'm currently knitting a blue, white, and blue-gray pinwheel blanket:

blue pinwheel blanket

Right now I have it scrunched up on a size 9, 32" circular.... I'm waiting till I get paid so I can buy a 60". Hopefully that will help a little. I only want to do another two inches in the solid blue (garter stitch), so I'm crossing my fingers it will fit on the 60". I can hardly move the stitches it's so tight. This blanket is for baby Andrew, my cousin's newborn. I had hoped to get it done before he was born, but I ran into that problem with the needle.

I'm not sure what my next blue/white/gray project will be. I might do some blue scrapbooking, that might be fun. Or, I have this blue and white self-striping sock yarn (regia nation something or other). It's for a costume I want to make for an anime convention. I don't plan on going to an conventions for another year, so I really don't need to start the socks, but it would be the perfect project for March. They are going to be knee-high, so I'm crossing my fingers that I have enough. (the yarn is pictured below)

Another project I've been thinking about is a cookie monster hat. Check out this yarn:

blue and white yarn for project spectrum

That blue fluffy stuff? Wouldn't it be perfect for a cookie monster hat? And then all I'd need to do is add some eyes. It's exciting.

Oh, I also made a PS set on flickr of all my pictures that are mainly blue/white/gray.

Monday, February 19, 2007

2006 State Fair

SUC52436.JPG, originally uploaded by a-chan.

I have this problem when it comes to fairs. I have to have cotton candy. If you don't like it, then you probably won't understand. It's like Richard always having to have a deep-fried twinkie. I think it's gross, but he just has to have one.

Anyways, I also have a problem where I can't post an entry without a knitting photo. See, I knit that wrist warmer way back when I first started knitting (the 3rd or 4th go-round, that is). It's horrible. It was the only cotton yarn I had and I really wanted it in cotton. It's knit flat and has a very wonky-ly seam. I still wear it when I find it (I do loose it a lot). And here it is at the fair... matching my cotton candy. Life is interesting.

Anyways, the reason for my post: Have you been over to the Yarn Harlot recently? Stephanie has really outdone herself this time. She has almost 800 comments on her last post! And she has mentioned Portland. Go read it, it's very worth it. It's about non-knitters not taking knitting seriously.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Flickr is great!

So, I talked my mom into a flickr account because I love mine so much and I knew that she would love it just as much. Well, I was right. She's uploaded like 2X more pictures than I have. It's fun to see all the pictures that she's taken. Some of them I have never seen before, or it's been a couple of years since I've seen them.

This last batch that she uploaded had some of my old FOs in them!! Super exciting! These two hats are pre-blog. They might have even been some of my first hats completed.

Anyways, here's me knitting on our way to the beach for my cousin's wedding reception:

And here is the finished hat on my beautiful niece (being held by my aunt):

This would be Keags with his hat. Apparently, he really liked it and use to wear it around the house:

Last, but not least, a picture showing my haircut back then (about 2 going on 3 years ago - that would be Laurie that I'm holding). Do I like my hair that short?? Don't I like it long? I'm so confused. I saw this picture and I really wanted to cut my hair short again... I don't know. I probably should leave it long until after the wedding because I want my hair up and I don't want to have to use any fake hair....