Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweet Steampunk 16 Party

The first time Keylie made an apperance on my blog, she looked like this:

Keylie and Alivia
(she's the bigger one!)

I can't believe she's 16!


For her birthday, my SIL Erin and I threw her a steampunk party!  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  I knew of steampunk (thank you anime and Back to the Future 3), but I had never gotten into it.  We were totally overwhelmed at first.

This was one of my projects:

For the full effect:

I got the ides from several different places, but mainly ruffled streamers from Cupcakes & Cutlery.

Between the two of us we come up with some pretty awesome stuff!  Our Aunt T and cousin Katie seriously helped us pull it all together in the hours leading up to the party.

Here's some more pictures:



I made her a surprise birthday cake, she was trying to be all cutesy... until she saw the inside!

DSC_0370  DSC_0371

DSC_0372  DSC_0373


Close up with my cake pops in the background:

To be continued...
(there is just too many things I want to mention)

ps. I was hoping to be able to pin from the pictures here, but I guess I need to figure that out better.  I got it so I can pin from flickr, but they won't pin while on the blog... (still working on it...)