Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo shoot

I had Sabrina wear the dress to church on Sunday. The lady behind us complimented it several times. It really is pretty cute. After church, lunch and a nap, I decided to try a small photo shoot in the front yard (don't mind the ice cube tray, lol). Sabrina was not a happy camper at first, which is surprising because she loves hanging out in the front yard.

Eventually she cooperated:




And my fave one:


Friday, August 28, 2009

Sabrina loves yogurt

Toddler socks

DSC_0036, originally uploaded by a-chan.

Towards the beginning of Sock Summit, I started thinking that I should have a sock to knit. I started with some old Lion Brand Magic Stripes, but I never really liked the color combination so I stopped at the heal and grabbed some of this crazy striped Regia yarn. I bought this when I first thought I would start knitting socks. It's been in my stash for over 4 years.

So, I cast on using Judy's Magic Caston, of course. I kind of fudged the rest of the sock, making up my own short row heal. I hope I can duplicate it on the second sock. My gauge isn't really good, too loose, but I don't think Sabrina will mind. She doesn't leave socks on anyways.

I haven't touched this project since Sock Summit ended. Maybe when I'm done with the Clapotis. I'm on repeat 13 of the straight section! I'm going to do at least one more before I start the decrease section. It's so exciting, I'm ahead of schedule!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something from the archives

DSC00136, originally uploaded by a-chan.

I knit this dress for my niece when she was about 2 (I think). The pattern is out of Family Circle Easy Knitting, Holiday 2005 (I know this, thanks to Ravelry). I've been trying to get a picture of it, but since my niece is 5, it's been in hiding. I guess it was still hanging in her closet, but in the very back, in no-mans-land. It showed up on my desk at work this morning (I work with my SIL).

She has given it to Sabrina because "it will look cute on her" but I hear she was sad about it. I'll be giving it right back to her the second Sabrina doesn't fit it anymore, since it was a present.

I'm also thinking about knitting this again in a different yarn. I can see all my mistakes and I want to fix them, I think this dress has potential (even if I am the only one who has ever knit it, per ravelry). I knit it when I was still knitting combination style since I didn't know any better so all the stitches are twisted. Maybe I'll do it in cotton next time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kumihimo or that circle thingy

DSC00133, originally uploaded by a-chan.

Years ago, maybe 4 or 5, I was really into anime and I frequented "pink stores" just to see if they had any cool new Japanese things. I picked this do-dad up on a whim and followed the instructions and ended up with a really cool bracelet. Then it got stored away in my craft stash.

Last night I was looking for something, I don't remember what, when I found it, complete with the instructions and the last of the yarn it came with. Curious, I picked it up and after consulting the instructions, I was on my way again.

Then I decided to do some research, to see if I could find any other patterns. While the spirally design mine came with is fun, I wanted to make a variety! I guess there's books, but the free online patterns are few and far.

I did manage to find a few, but I also saw a bunch of homemade disks. That got me thinking! I have a bunch of foam that I can cut them out of and make some for my nieces! I bet they’d love them. The youngest one (going into kindergarten this year, yikes!) is always asking me to teach her to knit (but never at convenient times). Perfect! I’ll bring them camping with some yarn and see what happens.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clapotis and Stitch markers

DSC00129, originally uploaded by a-chan.

The stitch markers help, I swear they do. Even the little hair elastics I found were annoying. Thanks to trtlgrl for the link! I've only made about half that I need. I really need to get better pliers, though. The ones I have are clunkers, found in the tool box. I really didn't want to buy the beading pliers, but I may after next payday.


I'm really enjoying knitting this clapotis this time around. I don't know if it's just the yarn or the stitch markers.

4th repeat

Last night, I had a little bit of a mess I had to fix. I forgot to do one increase. I tried to just fudge it, but I ended up with a hole. I tried to put it back the way it was and there was a bigger hole. There are no pictures, but I ended up putting in an afterthought lifeline and frogging 4 whole rows. This wouldn't have happened if I'd just gone to knitting knit at Hagans.... or maybe it would have, who knows.

I think I can finish this by Sept. 1st if I do one straight section a day and all the decrease sections in one day (right... um, don't think it will really happen, but it's my goal!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

stitch markers

Paper clip stitch markers., originally uploaded by a-chan.

So, I don't really like stitch markers. Most of the time when a pattern calls for one, I just don't use them. If I absolutely need to use one, I use a loop of yarn or paper clips or a small hair elastic.*

I'm referring to this one as my first since my first try was frogged. (I so wasn't feeling it!) But here I am with the same delima I had last time. Stitch markers. The yarn loops I started with started to fray something awful and I didn't wan the white fibers knit into this gorgeous yarn. I switched to paperclips. Paperclips may work in a pinch, but it's just uncomfortable.

I guess I need to make some real ones or something. Any tips? I have some random bead and some wire and access to a soldering iron (but Richard won't trust me with it).

Help! I'm afraid I'll stop working on this project because of this.

*hair elastic... what do you call them? I've always called them hair ties... but I guess hair elastic better describes them.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pathetic Sock Summit post

DSC_0036, originally uploaded by a-chan.

Sock Summit was great. I do wish I had planned out the baby-sitters better so I wasn't rushing all over the place dropping Sabrina off and rushing to the convention center. Or maybe I should have made Richard take the weekend off (it was suppose to be my birthday present).

I picked up my badge on Wednesday and hung out a little since I had some time to myself. It was kind of boring, not too many people.

Thursday I had to work.

I took Friday off so I could help break the world record. I took Sabrina with me in the morning, it was her first ride on MAX. She was in a very independent mood, not wanting to ride in the ergo. After one walk around the vendors room (stopping to buy my class pack), she was restless. I ended up letting her walk all over the empty halls and outside. And then she threw a tantrum; I wouldn't give her my cell phone. So I called Richard and said he needed to come and pick her up early (he was going to come and take over for the world record attempt anyways). And of course she took a good 3 hour nap for him. Oh well. At least I got a good lunch!


(How can some one so sweet throw such a big tantrum... ask the people walking by us before I gave in a nursed her)
Saturday was my class, Spindle Spinning Basics. It was good, but I kind of wish I had just taken some of the PDXknitbloggers up on their offers of getting people started. I learned a lot, but I'm still not quite understanding. I guess I'll have to bring it to OFFF and ask for help.

I also spent money on Saturday. I didn't buy any indie dyed yarns and I feel guilty. However, I was on a strict budget. I just bought some bulk stuff (will post it later). However, I have bookmarked a bunch of etsy shops with colorways I like. I'm going to wait a little while before I buy (they all seem wiped out from SS). Plus, I'll be able to buy some at OFFF.


The ravelry party was pretty cool Saturday night. I guess it's a case of "it is what you make it" because my group is too shy to go and meet people. It was cool recognizing people even if we didn't go introduce ourselves. I saw a mini-sock that I had previously seen partially finished in the forums (I'll have to look her up, I have her first and last name, so hopefully it comes up on ravelry):


Yes, that's a spider on the back... and I believe she used size 0000 needles.

Sunday was the Luminary Panel. I loved it. I did get bored during some of it, but for the most part I loved it. I wish I'd taken classes from some of those famous knitters.


Then I headed home since my mom was making dinner at my house for my brother's family. One of my favorite meals growing up: pork chops w/lawry's seasoning and stove top stuffing with broccoli. Sabrina slept for 3.5 hours for my mom, holy cow! And she loved the stove top stuffing!

Now I'm really tired. I had to work early today and I stayed up too late last night (typical).