Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pathetic Sock Summit post

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Sock Summit was great. I do wish I had planned out the baby-sitters better so I wasn't rushing all over the place dropping Sabrina off and rushing to the convention center. Or maybe I should have made Richard take the weekend off (it was suppose to be my birthday present).

I picked up my badge on Wednesday and hung out a little since I had some time to myself. It was kind of boring, not too many people.

Thursday I had to work.

I took Friday off so I could help break the world record. I took Sabrina with me in the morning, it was her first ride on MAX. She was in a very independent mood, not wanting to ride in the ergo. After one walk around the vendors room (stopping to buy my class pack), she was restless. I ended up letting her walk all over the empty halls and outside. And then she threw a tantrum; I wouldn't give her my cell phone. So I called Richard and said he needed to come and pick her up early (he was going to come and take over for the world record attempt anyways). And of course she took a good 3 hour nap for him. Oh well. At least I got a good lunch!


(How can some one so sweet throw such a big tantrum... ask the people walking by us before I gave in a nursed her)
Saturday was my class, Spindle Spinning Basics. It was good, but I kind of wish I had just taken some of the PDXknitbloggers up on their offers of getting people started. I learned a lot, but I'm still not quite understanding. I guess I'll have to bring it to OFFF and ask for help.

I also spent money on Saturday. I didn't buy any indie dyed yarns and I feel guilty. However, I was on a strict budget. I just bought some bulk stuff (will post it later). However, I have bookmarked a bunch of etsy shops with colorways I like. I'm going to wait a little while before I buy (they all seem wiped out from SS). Plus, I'll be able to buy some at OFFF.


The ravelry party was pretty cool Saturday night. I guess it's a case of "it is what you make it" because my group is too shy to go and meet people. It was cool recognizing people even if we didn't go introduce ourselves. I saw a mini-sock that I had previously seen partially finished in the forums (I'll have to look her up, I have her first and last name, so hopefully it comes up on ravelry):


Yes, that's a spider on the back... and I believe she used size 0000 needles.

Sunday was the Luminary Panel. I loved it. I did get bored during some of it, but for the most part I loved it. I wish I'd taken classes from some of those famous knitters.


Then I headed home since my mom was making dinner at my house for my brother's family. One of my favorite meals growing up: pork chops w/lawry's seasoning and stove top stuffing with broccoli. Sabrina slept for 3.5 hours for my mom, holy cow! And she loved the stove top stuffing!

Now I'm really tired. I had to work early today and I stayed up too late last night (typical).

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Rachel said...

I didn't see you at all this weekend. I think I recognize Sabrina though. I had my eye out on all the cute kidlets :) Did you see me and not introduce yourself? If so, shame on you! I don't bite!