Friday, August 28, 2009

Toddler socks

DSC_0036, originally uploaded by a-chan.

Towards the beginning of Sock Summit, I started thinking that I should have a sock to knit. I started with some old Lion Brand Magic Stripes, but I never really liked the color combination so I stopped at the heal and grabbed some of this crazy striped Regia yarn. I bought this when I first thought I would start knitting socks. It's been in my stash for over 4 years.

So, I cast on using Judy's Magic Caston, of course. I kind of fudged the rest of the sock, making up my own short row heal. I hope I can duplicate it on the second sock. My gauge isn't really good, too loose, but I don't think Sabrina will mind. She doesn't leave socks on anyways.

I haven't touched this project since Sock Summit ended. Maybe when I'm done with the Clapotis. I'm on repeat 13 of the straight section! I'm going to do at least one more before I start the decrease section. It's so exciting, I'm ahead of schedule!

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