Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something from the archives

DSC00136, originally uploaded by a-chan.

I knit this dress for my niece when she was about 2 (I think). The pattern is out of Family Circle Easy Knitting, Holiday 2005 (I know this, thanks to Ravelry). I've been trying to get a picture of it, but since my niece is 5, it's been in hiding. I guess it was still hanging in her closet, but in the very back, in no-mans-land. It showed up on my desk at work this morning (I work with my SIL).

She has given it to Sabrina because "it will look cute on her" but I hear she was sad about it. I'll be giving it right back to her the second Sabrina doesn't fit it anymore, since it was a present.

I'm also thinking about knitting this again in a different yarn. I can see all my mistakes and I want to fix them, I think this dress has potential (even if I am the only one who has ever knit it, per ravelry). I knit it when I was still knitting combination style since I didn't know any better so all the stitches are twisted. Maybe I'll do it in cotton next time.

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