Thursday, January 27, 2005

Knitting for money??

Well, I always knit my presents now. I didn't realize how much people liked them. We were having a party at my big bro's house and they all got to talking. People like my stuff. It's kind of exciting! People stop my family members on the street and ask where they got their hat/scarf/poncho.

My family thinks that I should start a small business. Maybe online. Is the practical? Would people really buy my stuff?? How would I price it? A couple ideas that were passed around were making a webpage and having little business cards that people could carry around and hand out to the people on the street that ask about it.

But would I start by pre-making the items and having pictures of them? Or what? I don't know. This is a totally new thing for me. I guess I could even sell my "lei" scrunchies! This is definitely something to think about. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

No knitting today *sigh*

Well, I was supposed to work 11:30 to 8 today. However, Richard came back into the house after I thought he left and told me that I'd need to leave the house early because of some ice. I didn't listen to him. I didn't think anything of the ice. At 11 I start heading out the door and that's when I realized there really was ice every where.

I was slipping and sliding all the way to my car. I get into my car (after struggling to get the door open) and start it. I try to scrape my windows with my ice scraper and it doesn't work. There is just plain too much ice.

Back into the house!! I called work and talked to a supervisor. I said I'd be late because of the ice. Want to know what she said? "If you're coming from SE Portland, you better stay home." Apparently one of the managers had tried to get to work and ended up stranded on I-205 for awhile. So, I had to talk to a manager to let them know I wasn't coming in. He said "Good, the bridges are closed"

Well, that leaves me home with no knitting! See, I was going to drive home (Scappoose) last night (where all of my active knitting is). But there was a truck that had an accident on highway 30 and it was closed both ways. So I stayed at Richard's house.

Now I've wasted a whole day that I could have been knitting! GRrr.. I couldn't even drive anywhere to buy more yarn. I could have started a new project! But no, it was too icy.

And that's my story for today. I think it's time for a nap, I've played too many video games today and I'm tired now.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Stitch n Bitch Nation

Well, I haven't really been posting. Work has been hell since Christmas (retail, yuck returns)

The other day I decided to use my Craft Warehouse gift certificate. I was planning on buying a sewing pattern for a cat bed I want to make for my cat and some fabric. Well, I find out once I get there that they don't sell sewing patterns and their fabric selection is very tiny.

Next on my list would have been yarn. But their yarn had been picked over and they were out of a lot of colors I wanted. So I then decided to look for the new Knit-it magazine (from lion brand yarns and better homes). I find it and sitting next to it is the new Stitch n Bitch book!! I decide to get it and the magazine (I only had to pay two extra dollars after the gift cart.)

When I get home, I start paging through the magazine looking at every page and reading every article and ad. I was in knitting heaven. When I finished, I handed it off to my mom and started on the Stitch n Bitch book. I skimmed through the first little bit and started going through every pattern to see what was there and to pick out what I wanted to make. I loved it! However, I was getting close to the end and suddenly the pages jumped. The book was missing like 3 pages! I was so upset, but glad I kept the receipt.

The very next day after work, I went and exchanged it. They were very nice about the return. I love it when I'm able to return something with no hassle.

The very first project I'm going to make out of the book is the pig cell phone holder. But I think I'm going to turn it into a kitty cat or maybe a penguin (but that would require two colors of yarn) I'll probably make a couple; for my cell phone, I-pod, and one for my boyfriend Richard's cell phone (he's in love with bunnies, so he'll get a bunny)

The second pattern I'll probably use is a cable hat pattern. I really want to make something with cables now that I know they aren't all that hard.

Then, I plan on making either the initial purse or the messenger bag. I really want to get into felting and feel that this is the right time.