Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keep Portland Twisted

I just saw on the Twisted blog that they have a cute tote bag for sale that says "Keep Portland twisted"

Of course I'm going to buy it. It's cute, reusable and you get a 5% discount when you bring it back and use it.

As a side note, I've been thinking about my blogging habits recently. I've been posting 5 time more to this blog than my private one (on myspace). It use to be the other way around. Am I not sharing my feelings with my friend anymore or am I just being lazy. There's tons of topics in my head every week but they never make it onto either blog.

I'm leaning towards lazy. With Sabrina, I really don't have much internet time anymore and what I do have is spent mindlessly staring at facebook or ravelry.

Just today I had a story to tell, but now I don't think It's important. It starts with my SIL having "water on the knee" and ends with me buying a pair of U of O rain boots... Totally random. Wanna hear it?

Last week Erin was only working on Friday (Great Wolf Lodge until Tuesday, one day rest and Thursday daycare was closed). She show's up to work with the hugely swollen knee and ended up being taken to the doctor by one of the attorneys. She didn't come back to work because they gave her this awful medicine that totally stoned her. I went over there Saturday to watch Evan so J.P. could take Alivia to ballet (apparently it's hard to watch a 2 year old when you're passed out on the couch). This Monday and Tuesday she came to work, but couldn't take her meds or she wouldn't be able to do anything and she had a huge tax return due.

Tuesday night they picked Sabrina up from daycare for me and her knee wasn't getting better. The swelling was down, but it was spreading. She was going to watch Sabrina for me this afternoon, but we decided that she probably shouldn't watch 3 kids if she couldn't walk.

Daycare was closed today. So, instead of Richard dropping Sabrina off with Erin when he went to work, he picked me up from work early and I dropped him off.

Sorry, this is all discombobulated because I'm tired and should be sleeping...

On with the story. I had a gift card for Macy's and decided to go and spend it since I had some extra time. I didn't find anything... I was checking out the shoes when I found them... University of Oregon rain boots! I took a picture and sent it to my cousin in Texas because they're HUGE UofO fans. I just thought it was a funny picture, but she texted me back saying she wanted them. I feel like I was on some kind of journey for some unknown reason. But everythign happpens for a reason, right? Maybe the guy upstairs wanted my cousin to have those boots. I don't know. I'm going to send them tomorrow, if I can find a better box. I hope it doesn't cost too much to send, the boots were only $11.70 (the tag said $40, but also said $24).