Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November's books


31 The October Country (RR) - Ray Bradbury
32 The Halloween Tree - Ray Bradbury
33 By the Shores of Silver Lake (RR) - Laura Ingalls Wilder

After my last post, I decided that while I can't reach 50 books, I can at least see how close I can get. I would like to set my new goal at 40, but that's 7 books in December. I'm thinking 38 is more realistic. I'll start over in January and see if I can do 50 next year.

In other news, I have sent a swap package off and I'm nervous. This is only my second swap and it's a lot harder than the first. I hope I did okay.

I have also lost my memory card that has all the Thanksgiving pictures. Doh! I switched it out on Saturday since I was running low on space. I have all the pictures from the Seattle trip, but nothing from Thursday.

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