Sunday, April 22, 2007

grab a loop

grab a loop, originally uploaded by a-chan.

As my last post said, we had our engaged encounter weekend. We're back and better for it... Well, at least a little. We've been together for 5 years, 2 of which were spent living full-time together. Most of the talks were good. We've just experienced and figured all of that stuff out by now.

We think that the weekend is geared towards couples who maybe haven't been together for so long. We had already come to an understanding on finances (duh, we bought a house in October!) and children and that kind of stuff. It was nice to just bring it up and discuss it with each other just so we know for sure that we're on the same track, which we are.

The weekend was tiring! I slept well, but not nearly as long as I wanted. Now I'm sitting up late typing this. I seem to never get enough sleep.

Anyways, to make this connection to knitting: I didn't get enough done. I did less than one section on the log cabin, not worth really taking a picture of.

Saturday night, after mass, we got some 'free time.' I was tired, Richard was tired. We didn't want to just turn in for the night, so we hung out at the snack table for a bit. Then, one of the presenters came by and said that they had found the game closet. So we went... and found grab a loop!! I kinda wanted to play, but we were tired. I can see myself now scouring ebay just to find a copy for myself. It sounds like great fun! like flag football and capture the flag and tag all in one! the box reads: "You loved Twister, now wait till you play grab a loop!" and "the game that really GRABS YOU!" Man, I want that game!

There was also a game called "Oregon Only Trivia" I would have liked to see some of the questions, but we didn't get a chance. It looked older than the grab the loop game. There was a mancala game, but there was no marbles or stones, so that was kinda lame, I like mancala.

Now we're home and back to the planning. I still have tons to do on the invitations, we talked to the caterer tonight, so we're good on that. We need a cake and flowers and centerpieces... and bridesmaid dresses. I learned that my shower has been planned, so that's cool, I just need to send my aunt the list.

I think it's a little funny that we will have been engaged a full year, but we're planning the wedding in 4 months. We're such procrastinators. I decided to do no wedding knitting. I figured that would add to the stress, plus the dress I picked has a jacket that I can wear during the ceremony that will cover my tattoo and then uncover it for the reception and some of the pictures. I'm getting pretty excited about all of this.

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