Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Stash, originally uploaded by a-chan.

This is my stash before we moved last fall. I just found this picture on my old computer. Yes, that's mostly all acrylic. I need to find some use for it. I try to get my niece to make pom-poms every time she comes over to my house. She never does. But then, when there's not time for it, she always really wants to. Someday the two will collide and I'll have hundreds of pom-poms to decorate my house with.

Anyways, I joined the Charmed Knits knit-along, click the button below for the link. I'm so excited to get started on some new Harry Potter knits. I owe my fiancé a hat to match his Hufflepuff scarf I knit him for the last movie premier.

And I think I'll knit myself a Slytherin scarf and hat set. Not that I like Slytherin that much, but green is my color. Maybe my nieces and nephew need some Gryffindor hats. They do need new hats.

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