Friday, February 1, 2008

Tonight I'm enjoying....

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No, that's not my baby! That's Baby Gracie! (my friend's baby).... I just needed a picture....

Tonight I'm enjoying:
stove-top popped popcorn (a little salt and no butter!)
home made orange julius
time by myself
the baby socks I'm working on
sweat pants
the incredibles
my green fleece blanket from ikea

Tonight I'm NOT enjoying:
cold hands
cracked hands
not knowing what I want to eat
voluntarily not going to a party
this head cold!

Growing up, for special occasions (Friday nights, slumber parties, new years eve) my mom would make us orange julius' and popcorn. I think for dinner, but that could just be my bad memory. It might have been for dessert. Anyways, I fondly remember evenings playing Monopoly, canasta, and rummikub while drinking the orange julius' , crunching the popcorn... Some times as a family (my mom and my brother and I), sometimes with the cousins and sometimes with friends. Those are great memories... the kind I want to share and pass on with my kids when they're older.

Another set of memories this brings up is those evenings when it was just my mom and me when I was in high school, eating popcorn, drinking orange julius' and knitting.... while watching bad movies. I never finished any projects back then, I just enjoyed the knitting. I re-taught myself how to knit from my mom's old 4-H books and some other really 70's knitting pamphlets. She's left handed and knits funny for even a left hander, so I tried not to look at what she was doing. I believe I would work on these hiddious slippers out of really nasty left-overs. I'm sort of glad I never finished, but it would have been nice to have something tangible from those days.

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larissa said...

Will you email me? I'm looking for a baby...hee hee.