Friday, February 8, 2008

Slytherin Pinwheel

The last time we saw this blanket was all the way back in August! I don't remember if I mentioned finishing it, but I did! I decided it would make a great Christmas present for the Biggie Smalls. And he loves it! In the last month he has loved it so much it's already made its way through the wash several times. When I was visiting last weekend, it was freshly washed and being enjoyed by multiple people. First, my sis-in-law was using it as a lap warmer. I told her I could knit her one, but she's fine with sharing. Later, I found it being used as a super hero cape by Keylie.


Some random specs:
yarn: Reynolds Utopia (100% acrylic*)
needles: US #8 in multiple length circs
pattern: Pinwheel baby blanket
mods: I use Judy's magic cast on since it's less fiddly than the patterns way

*Okay, about the Reynolds Utopia. I love knitting with this acrylic! It's my favorite acrylic ever. It's so much better than Red Heart or any of the other brands you'd find at a big box craft store. I was hooked after the first use. That being said, I have only had the experience of washing it for the first time. When I visited this blankie last weekend, it was so soft! With every wash, it keeps getting better and better! If you're in the market for some good acrylic for an item that needs to be machine washed, I totally recommend Reynolds Utopia (sometimes under the name Unger Utopia, not sure why)

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Aimee said...

I would like a baby update! Why so many ultrasounds? I hope everything is ok.

And remind me again of your due date... also, do you know if it's a boy or girl?

(So many nosy questions, I know. Feel free to ignore me if you want.)