Friday, March 12, 2010

50 books in 1 year, March 2010 edition

I have set myself up for failure in my quest to read 50 books in a year:

So far: 5

1 Waking Rose - Regina Doman
2 Midnight Dancers - Regina Doman
3 Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

4 The Practice Effect - David Brin

5 Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins

I am currently ready Heaven's Net is Wide (a prequel to the Otori books I read last year) and Through the Looking Glass, which I meant to finish before seeing Alice in Wonderland, but I ended up going on opening night. It was a great movie. I love Johnny Depp.

I've borrowed a few books from my mom, but I don't seem to find the time to read with all this knitting, going from the Olympics to March Madness (I have 8 squares done, I'm behind by one, hopefully I can catch up on the weekends)

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