Monday, July 12, 2010

Where was I again?


So I just went to my blog for the first time in months... Yeah, months! My last post was in March. Some things have happened since then. We went to Maui for 2 weeks in May. I've read some more books. I don't think I've finished a single knit item. Sabrina turned 2! I ordered more yarn. Sabrina had a scary asthma attach. My SIL Erin and I started a weekend yard work exchange program. We've had work parties at my house twice and we cleared a bunch of weeds, shoveled a bunch of rocks and built a 6'x4' garden box (for square food gardening). It's finally summer in Portland... well, maybe. It's a bit cool again today, but we've had some 90 degree weather. Richard and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.

That's where we are now. I'm hoping to put up some posts regarding all that stuff I just listed out.

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Mokihana said...

Oh wow, that lehua photo is fabulous! Mahalo nui for posting it; love the contrast between it and the steaming crater.