Saturday, March 6, 2010

Olympic Round-up: Project 2


Pattern: generic feather and fan shawl
Yarn: Interlacments Rick Rack II
Needles: US 9

Notes: I started this shawl in 2008 and I had actually lost it a few times. I didn't think I could find it in time to finish it for the Olympics, but I did. It was in the bench storage unit (weird spot for it, but I vaguely remember Richard shoving things in there the day before Sabrina's 1st birthday party, almost a year ago). I thought I wasn't very far on it, but I'm guessing I was about halfway done. I didn't make it as long as I had planned because I'm told it will stretch. It's very pretty and soft, but I think I should have made it longer. Oh well, maybe it will stretch. I might give it as a gift, I don't think it's really my style.

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