Saturday, June 16, 2007

Knitting at the bar

Knitting at the bar, originally uploaded by a-chan.

So, my bachlorette party was last night. We had a plan, but the plan was thrown out the door when the restaurant we were going to was closed (like, boarded up closed) We ended up at a different sushi place, which wasn't too good. It wasn't horrible, but they didn't have the rolls i like and that was a bit of a disappointment.

Anyways, a co-worker and I started out earlier since we got off a bit too late to make it home before we were suppose to be back downtown. We walked to Knit/purl. I love that store because it's within walking distance of work and I can get there an back in 30 minutes (if I know what I want and I don't look at anything else).

At Knit/Purl, I got some Sea Wool by Fleece Artist. I finished my Sea Silk scarf a few weeks ago (no pix yet) and I really wanted to try the wool. I picked out the woodland colorway. It's brown and blue and green with some tan. I'll probably do another scarf, but this time I'm going back to feather and fan..... of course, I would have liked to buy two skeins of it so I could do one of those cool scarfs from LMKG. Oh well.

Anyways, at the bar, I pulled out my new yarn to show my cousin and the rest of the group was weirded out a bit. It was funny. Then I pulled my sweater I'm working on now. So, this is my knitting at the bar picture. It probably smells like smoke now.

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Bobbie said...

Just stopping by from the PDX Knit Bloggers group. Don't you just love pulling out a project or fonding yarn just to freak out the muggles! One single knitter I know uses it to test out whether guys are worth a 2nd date or not; depending on how weirded out they get when she does it in the restaurant! Hope to see you soon at a meet up!