Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Only scrapbook store on Maui

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The first day on Maui, my new brother-in-law's fiance tells me about this store, Island Paperie. The only scrapbooking store on Maui! The biggest selection of tropical and Hawaiian themed items in the world.... that's what they claim at least and I'm not arguing!

Anyways, I ended up spending over $70 on two separate days. I bought a bunch of stickers and die-cuts the first time and then realized I had only gotten a few sheets of paper... So I went back and got $20 worth of paper. A bit more than I spend for paper normally, but it was cool tropical paper. I couldn't resist. Now I've just got to find the time to scrapbook.



I did not knit at all on vacation. I did pull it out on the flight over there, but I knit a few rows and decided to not continue on that scarf.... Anybody know what I should use my one skein of Sea Wool for?

I did go to a yarn store in Lahaina, but they were closed. I took a pictures, though. I had already done so much damage with the whole scrapbooking thing that I decided I didn't really need to go there.


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