Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The new puppers! .... And Harry Potter (no knitting)

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Meet Chibi! He's a Yorkie/Jack Russell mix. He got his dad's looks and possibly his mom's ADHD (you know how Jack Russells are). We're working on potty training him. Some days I think we're doing great... and then he pees on the floor. I guess that's what puppies do.

I haven't tried knitting around him yet. But last night I needed to wind some yarn so I'd have a project for tonight (more on the later). At first he ignored it, but then when I was getting to the end, he decided that he'd like to taste it. I caught him before he made too much of a mess with it.

Then this morning I went into the craft room to get some needles for today and he followed me in. Next thing I know, he's in the hall with a big pink yarn cake. Granted it was acrylic, but it was still yarn. He's been banished from the craft room (which is now in progress to becoming an old school video game haven/craft room/guest room/future nursery (some day)).

Tonight, I'm taking the bus to Twisted for an Eastside knit-blogger meet-up. I've never really been to a meet-up. I'm a bit shy. So, if you see me, come and talk to me or something! I'll be wearing a blue striped shirt and a blue tank top and knitting a pink pinwheel blanket.

Now, on to Harry Potter!


Of course I had to read it the day it came out. I picked it up at midnight (wearing my Hufflepuff scarf, of course), read till 4am, slept for 4 hours, woke up and read straight through to 10pm. I guess I'm a slow reader, but I wanted to savor it.

It was great! I loved it! I hadn't made any predictions, but I had some theories I was right about (and some that I was totally wrong).

The next day I had a Harry Potter Hangover. I thought I was the only one that called it that, but I was wrong. Look what I came across this morning. Shelly is the one with the super-cool blanket!


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