Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last year I didn’t set any goals, so I felt like I was all over the place. I did much better in 2008 with some goals (even if I didn’t meet them). So, here we go:


* Knit from stash in order to fit all my yarn in the spot it’s suppose to go in (HAHA!)
* muir
* February lady - Woobu, Blue Moon
* Shalom Cardigan - thinking about Lion Brand Homespun (unusual choice, I know)
* Make some kind of circular needle holder
* Shrug for Grandma Thanua - superwash wool (cascade?)
* Scarf for Aunt Sharon - Cream of spinach, Woobu (Tanzanite)
* Valentine's Day sweater for Sabrina - Malabrigo? red?
* barn raising quilt - This is for my Once in a Blue Moon cast on. I plan to have it done by the next “blue moon” (not the farmers almanac blue moon, but the two in one month kind), which will be August 31, 2012. I’ve got plenty of time!


* Organize hall closet DONE (already, I know, gotta start somewhere)
* Organize garage
* Decorate Sabrina’s room - painting done, need some shelves and wall art (fish?)
* Paint some more rooms in the house
* Better garden - square foot gardening


* Baby?
* be more healthy - joined a biggest loser competition (although I'm not competing for the $$$)
* Maybe some alone time/personal days - first one this Saturday for the yarn crawl? Don't know, don't have a babysitter yet

Beanie's first picture of the year:

(asleep in the car after a long night of partying! Holding Mickey Mouse toast)

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