Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 projects, 1 needle

2 projects, 1 needle, originally uploaded by a-chan.
So I'm knitting a Cream of Spinach scarf out of Jojoland Superwash Melody and I'm less than half done, using size 6 needles. I'm also knitting another Confection Baby Shrug out of summer tweed, using size 8 needles.

Now's the fun part. I always go down 1 or 2 needle sizes for ribbing or garter st. With the summer tweed I knew I needed to go down to the 6s. However, this may be lame, but I swear that those 6s are the only ones I have. I had to decide if I should finish the scarf before I finish the shrug or if I should put the scarf on a stitch holder. If I used the holder, I might never come back to the scarf. I didn't want to finish the scarf first.

So I just left it on the needle and used it anyways. Pretty clever, no? Now I'm back to the same decision, though. I finished both arms, so now the only thing left is the main border. And it's knit in the round. I won't be able to do my neat trick. For now, I'm knitting the scarf. But I really want to finish the shrug since it's a nice fall color. Maybe this weekend I'll put the scarf on the stitch holder as long as I promise myself that I will go right back to working on it when I'm done with the ribbing (it's only 3 rows and the bind-off, shouldn't take too long).

I just really liked the picture.

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