Friday, December 26, 2008


One good thing that came from the *dun dun duh* Arctic Blast 08 is that we finally got to make a snowman! My niece has been wanting to make a snowman since it started snowing two weeks ago. At first the snow didn’t stick, then it blew around all blizzard-like… When that stopped, it was too powdery. We finally got some snowman making snow a few days ago, but by the time she woke up from nap it was raining (well, freezing rain).

Then it started snowing on Christmas. Then it poured down rain. Then it snowed again! The weather has gone all schizophrenic on us. When it stopped snowing, we were finally able to go out and make the snowman. Good thing she got a snowman making kit for Christmas! There was enough snow left over to make another one, but people were getting cold and the turkey was almost out of the oven.

Which brings me to another good thing about the *dun dun dun* Arctic Blast 08. We cooked the whole Christmas eve dinner by ourselves (our generation: me, Richard, my sis-in-law and her sister). We had fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and corn bread. Then for dessert we had blueberry swirl cheesecake!

For Christmas dinner, we at least had my mom there to help with things. It was our first turkey! We were supposed to go to my aunt’s house in Scappoose, but that wasn’t an option. We were going to deep fry it… Well, we had to bake it, but it turned out really good. Richard brined it and we baked it in the convection oven. Er… and we had green beans and mashed potatoes again, but that’s okay, they were gooooood! I even made gravy (yes, hell might have froze over). I personally think the gravy was the best part of the dinner, but I may be bias. We finished it up with more blueberry swirl cheesecake and peanut butter cream pie.

Today was back to work after having snow days all this week. My bus still isn’t running so I’m relying on others to get me to and from work. Hopefully it will be running by Monday.

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