Monday, December 17, 2007

Toddler mittens

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Pattern: peekaboo mittens by Pensive Frog in Magknits (Feb 2007) - heavily modified
Needles: us size 7 dpns
Yarn: Lion Brand wool-ease Chunky

So I've knit 3 pairs of mittens from this pattern, but this one is really small. I cast on 10 less stitched, guessed on the thumb gusset and guessed on the finger opening. Everything fit my 3.5 year old niece except the thumb. I ripped the thumb out and am reworking it with a few extra stitches. The yarn is so chunky that the first thumb was like a 7 stitch i-cord.

Christmas list: I now have to finish it's mate and then knit another pair slightly bigger for my 3 year old cousin (who is bigger than my niece). Two pairs of baby mittens (no thumbs). I did one pair already, but they were too small (I'll keep them for my own baby). And maybe one more pair of adult peekaboos for my sis-in-law's sister... and maybe another pair for my friend... If I keep adding to the list, I'm never going to finish.

In other news, I had another ultrasound on Friday. It was abnormal (low fluid), so they sent me to a specialist and I got another ultrasound. She said that while the fluids were on the low side, they were still in the "normal" range and there was nothing to be worried about. That was scary! I did earn myself an extra ultrasound for next month just to keep tabs on everything.

After those two ultrasounds, I still don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl. The second tech said that she didn't see anything, so she would guess it's a girl, but the baby was crossing it's legs at the knees the whole time so she didn't get a good look at all.

I have another post to make and I've been putting it off and I just can't do it right now. So, it will come next time, I hope.

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