Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas todo list

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I need to make a to-do list for tonight when I get home. If I write it on a piece of paper, I will loose it.

1. vacuum
2. make sugar cookie dough and put in fridge
3. weave in ends to scarves, mittens, and blanket
4. knit 1.5 more toddler gloves
5. wrap some presents (mostly Richards things since he works late tonight)
6. start last pair of adult mittens
7. rest

Do you see the problem with this list? I do. I'm suppose to be resting. I think #1 should be rest and the rest can wait... but they can't. I told myself I wouldn't work too hard and stress myself out. It's not good for the banana (the baby).

I have some family and friends coming over Friday night to bake cookies, so I NEED to vacuum. I NEED to get the cookie dough in the fridge so the nieces will be able to help cut and decorate it.

And there's not even a new CSI tonight!

I've been up late every night this week because I decided I needed to send my already late thank you notes from the wedding inside the Christmas cards (yes, not proper, but I don't care, they're already late!) At least Richard helped clean last night so I'm not as freaking out as I could be.

(gingerbread house was made a few weeks ago at my bro's house with the nieces, it's really cute and I want to make one for my own house, but I don't have any time.)

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