Thursday, January 12, 2006

I need to prioritize!

My last post was just a rambling of what I'd like to get done and stuff. I need to make a better list because the stuff that needs to get done, won't get done... And the stuff that doesn't need to be done, will be done. So here it goes:

Projects that need to be finished before the end of this month:
* Alivia's dress (knitting done, just need to "finish")
* Pikmin hat, I need to design it so Valeska and Katie and finish theirs before March 24th (Sakuracon)

Projects that need to be done before the end of Feb:
* Richard's Hufflepuff hat (started)
* Prayer shawl (3/4 of the knitting is finished)
* My anime hat
* Alexandria's baby blanket (that's been on hold a full year!)

Projects with no finish date:
* Arm warmers for myself
* Fingerless gloves for paintball
* afghan made from the knifty knitter
* amigurumi (little knit/crocheted animals/monsters/things)

Of course I'm not going to work on my top two items tonight. That would just be silly!! *Rolling eyes* I think I'm working on the Hufflepuff hat. I'm using a variation of THIS PATTERN from the blue blog

And some time in the next month, I'd like to put a list of the blogs I visit regularly in my sidebar... and maybe make a new layout, I get a little weirded out when I go to other knitting blogs that have the exact same layout. I also need to organize my stash and stuff.

Sorry, no pictures tonight... I need to find my camera.


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Carolyn said...

Hi Aimee-
Thanks for your nice comment on my Clapotis in progress! I'm using Lorna's Fisherman which comes in 500 yd (!) skeins. I'm going to dip into a second one, I think, but not by much. Plenty left over to make a baby sweater or something. I am making this particular Clapotis about one repeat narrower than is called for by the pattern. One of the things I love about this pattern is that it's complex, yet flexible. A a long, narrow variation makes a great scarf and a quick but fun-to-knit present!

I just scanned your ambitious project list! Sounds like you have a lot of ideas percolating. Sounds like you need a good utilitarian yarn for fingerless gloves. I have knit a bunch of pairs with Cascade "Fixation." It's an elastic-cotton mix -- goes for about $5/ball and you can get TWO gloves out of one ball! Plus, the elasticity helps to cover the wholes in the valleys between fingers. I teach a class on how to make these gloves at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop in N. Portland. I think I'm not scheduled to do it again until May or June, but if you're interested, I'd be happy to meet and go over my pattern w/you.

Sorry to blather on... I'm an addict, can you tell?