Saturday, November 12, 2005

No picture tonight!

I have the worlds biggest headache right now. I swear my sinus infection never really went away and now I'm suffering. I should go see a doctor...

The reason I'm posting this is because I didn't get any knitting done on my Hufflepuff scarf today. Partly because of the headache, partly because I had to knit a hat for a b-day present, and another partly because I had almost run out of yarn and I left the new yarn at home. It was sad, but I don't think I could have worked on it even if I had brought the extra yarn.... Which I'm not the only one to find out that when the pattern calls for 800yds of yellow and 200yrds of black, that it really means more then that. I hope I have enough now. I got one more skein of each color. I'm just starting the 12th trapped bar. I must be in good shape.

Of course, now I might not get to go on opening night! What bogus-ness!! Why me?? I'm off at probably 5pm, I could go see the moview. But the BF doesn't like going to movies on opening night. I was going to go with the family, but now they're saying that they can't make it till Sunday. Rip off! What's the point in making a HP scarf if nobody is going to see it?? Sorry for ranting at you (who ever you might be... if there really is a you that's reading this... I'm going to bed I hope I feel better in the morning!!

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