Thursday, November 17, 2005


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Well, I finished knitting it and binding off the end on the 15th. So that was right on schedule. Then I dilly-dallied around yesterday and didn't do anything with it. So tonight I was going to finish everything on it... I only got the ends woven in and the begining edge closed. I just need to wash it and block it. But that can wait.

I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow so all my co-workers can see the *almost* finished product. I probably won't put the fringe on it because I don't really like fringes much. Richard loves it. He said that he likes it the way it is and I don't even have to block it if I don't want to... But I do want to. The color changes *NEED* to line up or I'll go crazy every time I look at it.

Yes. Now I can knit for myself. Maybe a hat. I have enough yarn for a hat. Either the black with pink or the green/purple/blue verigated(maybe self striping??). Yeah. Then it'll be back to the Christmas knitting.

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AmyP said...

Congrats on finishing the scarf - it was long slog, but you got there!