Thursday, November 3, 2005

Harry Potter scarf.

So I've been wanting to knit a Harry Potter scarf for quite awhile now. I procrastinated actually starting it. I've had the yarn for a couple of months. But it wasn't till November 1st that I realized I only had 18 days to finish it.. YIKES!! So, I'm going to try my best to finish it by the time the new movie is out. I'm using the pattern found here:

I'm just using Lionbrand wool-ease worsted weight. I wanted to use one of the recommended yarns, however I was having troubles finding a LYS that carried any of the right colors. I'm using the yellow and black for a Hufflepuff scarf. Richard's fave colors are yellow and black, so I asked him if he minded having a HP scarf and he said no.

Wish me luck! I'll update as the next two weeks go on. So far I've only done two repeats (12 more!) Oh, and all this while working a 37.5 hour week.

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