Friday, August 15, 2014

Sabrina's Barn Raising Quilt, finally

Clockwise from top left: Zest, Surf's up, Mango Tango

I needed to start a new project for vacation, as my son’s Barn Raising Quilt just needed to be sewn together and I didn’t want to take it with us.  I’ve been collecting STR Lightweight minis for a few years with the intent of eventually knitting my daughter a blankie out of them.  With mine finished and Elias’ almost done, I decided it was time.

I grabbed a few of the brightest minis and put them in my carry-on (the rest went in my checked bag).

On the airplane, I had a few moments to wind the mini into a ball and start a square.  The first mini I pulled out was “Surf’s Up,” I got a chuckle because we were going to Maui.  The next mini I pulled out a few days later was “Mango Tango.”  I instantly decided that the squares I knit on vacation were all going to be Hawaiian vacation themed.

After Mango Tango, I knit “Zest” because of all the citrus trees in Hawaii.  Then there was “Cockcrow” because we stay at my mother-in-law’s house and there are usually confused roosters crowing throughout the night and day (surprisingly, this year there weren’t any, the neighbors must of got rid of them).  

Next is a bit obscure.  One of our favorite cold treats is this dessert item found at Maui Mall.  It’s called Guri Guri, but pronounced “goodie goodie.”  I was surprised when I pulled out a mini called “Goodie Goodie”!  It was like Blue Moon Fiber Arts knew I would need these and named them appropriately! 

After that luck, I pulled out “Dragon Dance.”  The one Chinese restaurant we would always go to on Maui was called Dragon Dragon.  It closed earlier in the year and we were super bummed.  But I still knit a square in honor of it!

And lastly, on the way home I worked on “Twitterpated” because traveling with a 2 year old is just nuts.

(I feel like I'm missing one or two, I'll update when I figure it out)

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