Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Camping: take 2


For our second camping trip, Sabrina and I went to our church camp-out at Metzler Park. Richard had to work, but my my mom, brother, SIL & the kids came. We pulled in and immedietly saw big signs saying "No fires." Apparently there was fear of wildfires.

We woke up the first morning freezing! (okay, not really freezing, but we were really cold). Then Mom crawled out of the tent to tell us she forgot breakfast. So we piled into the van and got bagels/cream cheese/coffee in Damascus... or was it Estacada? or ?? We were close to home again, but I hate to admit it... I don't really know the area southeast of us.

Then there was Sabrina's sleeping issue. She or go to bed in general. She was a little stinker about it, but she needed it and eventually fell asleep.

The church group had some potlucks and a softball game. I really enjoyed this campground. It had showers, a nice playground, softball field, basketball court & a swimming hole!



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