Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cat on the Hat

Halloween is quickly approaching... kinda. Last year we bought Sabrina's costume (a penguin, I actually bought it in the clearance section when I was just 5 months pregnant, because I already knew what she would be for her first Halloween)


Last year my nieces and nephew went as characters from Peter Pan (Wendy, Peter and Princess Tiger Lily). My SIL (Erin) was a little worried about sending her 4 year old out in and old indian costume, but it worked out and nobody thought it was weird.

(I don't have a very good picture of them, but these were all homemade and or reused. This year, a better picture shoot, not as we're heading out the door for trick or treating)

The year before that, Erin and I (with help from her mom and Valeska) made the Alice in Wonderland dress:


This year, the votes have been cast. We thought it would be cute for Sabrina and Buddy to be a Leia and Luke combo. Then we changed it to Leia and Han Solo since Luke is a little wussy. But then Buddy wanted to be a goblin since his sister was going to be a witch. Sabrina's favorite animal sound is "meow" so it's purfect for her to be a black cat*. Now they all kind of match. This theme thing can be a little hard, though. Like, what does a goblin look like? I found a home made Green Goblin costume and sent the link to Erin and she's going to use that as a starting point.

But on to the cat costume! Cats are easy. I originally wanted to sew the costume, kind of a suit like footie pajamas. However, Erin pointed out I could just use black sweats. At Target Monday night I decided to look for toddler sweats (not so much luck), but I did find some black leggings ($4 boot-cut, but they'll work) and a black turtleneck onesie ($3.77**) Sweet! Her costume is already almost done. I'm knitting a cat hat using the Lil' Devil Baby Hat pattern and I'm going to wing it for the ears (found black yarn in the stash). Shouldn't be too hard. I'm to the decreases, so I should probably finish it tonight. Then I just have to figure out the paws. I think I have some black felt. I know I don't have black fabric, so I may need to buy some.

Coming from a procrastinator who usually has to spend Christmas Eve knitting furiously into the night... I think I'm doing good!

I just need to start my Christmas knitting soon (hats and mitts for all the kids, so at least 8 sets!)

*I realize Sabrina shouldn't be trick or treating in all black, but we're planning on using glow sticks and Richard wants to get her one of those flashy lights. And we might go before it gets dark, since Halloween is on a Saturday.
**Both black items were from the same brand and neither one was on sale, but why the $0.23 difference? Weird, yo!

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