Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am in love!

I'm not sure if this is real love or an extreme infatuation... But I'm going to act on it. Yes, I'm going to order yarn from the internet and I am going to knit a loverly shawl with it... Yes, I will. I love the yarn so much. It's Twisted from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the Beached colorway. I fell in love with the the little preview, not the actual skein picture.

And then there's the shawl, Shawl that Jazz. The Yarn Harlot knit it in Pucks Mischief (ravelry link). I'm smitten. It's like a triangle shawl, but no point. I'll have to buy the pattern, but I think it's worth it!


In other news:

My baby is 1! And she's walking! OMG! I'll have to do a proper post for that, though. But here's an obligatory picture (or 2) to keep you occupied.


lego phone
(Lego phone: Can you hear me now?)

1 comment:

pdxknitterati said...

Oh, that looks like a fun shawl to knit! I just bought the pattern for Ishbel after seeing it one more time on a blog.

Happy birthday, baby/not a baby any more!