Tuesday, March 25, 2008

o hai!

DSC00035, originally uploaded by a-chan.

O Hai!

No baby news. I’m walking, I’m working and I’m drinking a lot of water. The only other thing I know of to get the baby moving would be very uncomfortable right now.

The picture was taken on my lunch walk. I walked by it yesterday and thought of taking a picture, but I just kept walking. Today, I decided SOMEONE needed to take the picture.

I almost couldn’t get out of bed this morning to go to work. I wasn’t planning on working until I go into labor, but my last day is set for April 11. If I stop working now that labor is immanent and then I don’t actually have her for another week or two, well, I would be out of that money. I’m just hoping my water doesn’t break at work because I’m not bringing a change of clothes to work every day and it would take Richard 30 minutes to get here.

Every little pain, twinge, strain and weird feeling makes me stop and think to myself “is this it?” But it’s not and life goes on. I really didn’t think I’d get to the point of wanting to be done with being pregnant... and I’m not really. I’m just so anxious for her to be here. They were teasing me when they said it would be in the next two weeks... well, I do have one week of the two left, so I guess it could happen.

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Casey said...

She's so pretty!! Congratulations!