Friday, November 5, 2004

Second post.. about nothing, really

I'm just bored waiting for my laundry to finish. My fingers are too cold to knit (almost too cold to type!) If I could find the digital camera, I could take some pictures and stuff, but I think my mom has it in her purse.. That's a weird story... Want to hear it??

My mom runs a nursing home in the small town that we live in. She started out as being the director of nursing and soon took over herself to make it a better place. It wasn't a very nice place to begin with. Its getting a lot better. It went from being one step away from closing to staying open for 7 more years.. and it's still going strong. Anyways, she takes her camera to work so she can take pictures of the residents for various reasons.. Some times it's for fun, like at the Christmas party or any other special day.. She also uses it to post their picture on their doors so they are easier to find.. especially if they get moved around a bit. And that's my story.

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