Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When good projects go wrong, day 2.

I'm pretty sure I used a size 8 needle for this blanket...  And the new yarn is also from stash, but I'm 150% this is acrylic.  Like, bad acrylic.  Like, bought but never used acrylic.

Last night, I used a size 4 circular needle to pick up the bottom stitches (because, unlike most people, I don't bind off my sections when doing a log cabin, I just keep the stitches live till I come back around with the next color... so I had live stitches already, it was a plus for this part of the project, not so nice when I had to catch each one as I cut out the felt.).

After making sure I was starting at the right side, I knit across.  The last stitch in each row was knit together with the "live" stitch on the side so I won't have to seam up the sides when I am done. You can see in the above picture that the right side is not very nice looking.  I didn't notice that my knit 2 together on the wrong side was creating that weird bumpy thing until I was mostly done.  I am so not ripping it out and knitting it again.  The left side looks lovely, so it's just going to stay.  Maybe after washing it will look better?

The next step will be to pick up the stitches across the bottom of the next section.  I plan on doing a 3 needle bind off on the back side.  I hope it works!

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