Thursday, February 3, 2011

50 books in one year, take 3

I'm gonna try again this year!

Goal 50
So far 4

1 Gone-Away Lake - Elizabeth Enright
2 Return to Gone-Away Lake - Elizabeth Enright
3 The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey - Trenton Lee Stewart
4 The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoners Dilemma - Trenton Lee Stewart

Currently Reading: nothing :c

Queue: Kiln People - David Brin, The Postman - David Brin

Gone-Away Lake and Return to Gone-Away Lake are old favorites I like to re-read every couple of years. There's actually a picture in Return to Gone-Away Lake that I want to have a tattoo of some day. These were fast reads, but very creative. I was in love with these books before I realized she wrote other (more popular) books, but these are still my faves of hers.

The Mysterious Benedict Society books are #2 & #3 in the series. This was my first time through them and I truely love them already. I'm just sad I have to return them to my mom. I'll probably end up buying the whole series.

Next up is either Kiln People or The Postman... I'm leaning towards The Postman since it's a shorter book. I already almost drowned with The Mysterious Benedict Society since those books are so long. I need to remember to read both long and short books this year. Too many long books will take too long (since I still need time to knit and clean and stuff). Too many short books will make me think I'm cheating.

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Mokihana said...

Great idea to keep a list of book like this. I just keep reading but never seem to record anything.

You have inspired me!