Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge


As a mini-vacation, my mom took us to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA (North of Centralia) for a few days. None of us had been there and we had heard mixed reviews. So we went knowing that it wasn't Disneyland and that we might not like it.

We did have fun! Yes, it isn't Disney, but it was fun. I would suggest not going on a weekend. We checked in on Sunday and it was a mad house! Monday was better and Tuesday there was hardly anybody there. The prices on the buffet fluctuate, depending on the day. Monday it was more expensive than Tuesday. We only ate there for breakfast. The other restaurant was pretty good. Erin found something in her food and they were quick to identify it (it wasn't anything gross, a bit of plastic) and they comped her meal and a dessert (chocolate fondue!)

Sabrina acted like she had an ear infection the first night (cried all night unless she was nursing). The next day we were going to take her to the urgent care, but they didn't open until 6pm and by that time Sabrina was acting normal. The second night she woke up once, so we weren't concerned.

We went on all the water slides and some of them are pretty wild! The more weigh, the faster you went. On Tuesday there was practically no lines on the 4 big slides, so we went over and over and over.

One of my fave things was this gigantic bucket:

Pretty cool stuff.


And she does have ear infections, both ears.... again! Poor baby.

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