Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ready for Halloween?

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We sure are! Well, I'm hoping we are. We took Sabrina to the drs office on Tuesday because I thought she might have a bladder infection (she didn't). Instead, they found pretty bad ear infections. Her only symptoms were a fever (101.1 which dropped before we even got there) and a runny nose.

So my happy baby is on amoxicillin for the second time. Both Richard and I are allergic to penicillin, so I’ve been a nut case about this. So far so good. She’s hasn’t been fussy at all and has still been sleeping real well. It’s like she’s not sick at all. She gave me a big old grin this morning before I left for work.

I’m hoping she’ll be okay going trick-or-treating around the block with her cousins (as a penguin). Keylie, Alivia and Evan are going as Wendy, Princess Tigerlily and Peter Pan (respectively). My SIL is worried about dressing Alivia up as an Indian, but I don’t think it’s a problem. Would there be a problem if she wanted to dress up as Pocahontas? I could be way off about this... I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m “wrong”

I've finished some projects recently, but of course I haven't taken any picture of them!

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