Monday, August 25, 2008



On vacation, Richard convinced me that we needed to go to the Maui Ocean Center. We went there my very first trip to Maui (5 years ago, maybe?) I wasn't sure I wanted to go this year. Sabrina is too little to really enjoy any of it. But we went anyways.

There was a video playing, it had already started when we walked in, but we decided to stay anyways since we paid to be in there. It was the most amazing conservation video I've ever seen. It really changed something inside me. I feel outraged, saddened and sorry for sharks.

On the ride "home" (to Richard's mom's house) we were both very quite and thoughtful. Eventually Richard said "I want to buy that DVD." Up until that point, I wasn't sure if he liked it or not.

The movie can be very disturbing, I wouldn't let young kids watch it. I just want to share it with everyone I know. Check out the trailer!

And I just checked, netflix has it (DVD and blu-ray).

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