Tuesday, October 2, 2007

First baby pictures.

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I went in for my first appointment yesterday! It was kind of scary because I haven't actually been to the doctor in ... well... years, but it was also really exciting. I thought I might have an ultrasound, but I wasn't sure since it is still kind of early. We didn't know the exact day my last cycle started, so they went ahead with the ultrasound to see how big the baby was.

It was so cool! I've seen ultrasound pictures before, but I swear this was the neatest thing I've ever seen... I mean, there's this BABY inside of ME! And then there was the little heart beating, we saw it beating before we heard it, that was funny. He/she was moving all over the place. It's weird to think that this little thing inside of me is moving that much, but I can't feel it.

It was too early to see if it’s a boy or a girl, but the doctor was trying to figure it out.

Anyways, I have another appointment in 4 weeks. I still haven’t knit anything for my own baby, but I am knitting for my friend who is due in December. I’ve finished a pinwheel blanket for her and am part way through a February Baby Sweater. I’ve debating about going to a knit night tonight so I can get some work done on it.


Meg said...

Hi there - I saw your comment on Cara's blog (january one) that no one reads your blog! I kinda have the same issue, but I don't really have or take the time to update it all the time, so I'm not suprized :) BUT! congratulations!!! both on your wedding and being preggers! and your puppy is like the cutest dog EVER! :) I will add you to my list of blogs to read, so at least you'll have 1 reader! :) Mine is http://knit-o-rama.blogspot.com if you'd like to check it out.

Aimee said...

I read, I just suck at commenting.

LOVE the new baby pics though! :)

LesleyKnits said...

Congratulations! Ultrasounds are so cool, aren't they?

LesleyKnits (from Ravelry)