Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pinwheel, Pinwheel spinning around*

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I love this pattern. I'm too lazy to get the link for you, but it's so much fun to knit. I was getting a bit bored with it, so I threw in some eyelet rows. I'm going to knit this again, but in different colors. I might use the same yarn.. It's just Red Heart Soft yarn... and darn, it's soft compared to regular Red Heart. It also washed decently, so I dont' have to worry about how well it wears.

I'm planning a red and white blanket for my cousin's baby (that might or might not be twins..) So then I'd have to knit a second one.. maybe blue and white or red and black or just different stripe patterns between the two? hmm... Plus, my sis-in-law might be expecting again... so I'd do one for her. Exciting stuff!

*Title for this post is taken from an old little kid's show. All I can remember is the opening song and that there was this pinwheel spining on the screen that always made me sick..

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