Wednesday, December 1, 2004

What the *bleep* is up with ponchos?

Come on, it's not the 70s anymore. Ponchos are not "in".. Who wears them anyways?? j/k

With that aside, I present to you my first poncho: *blushes*

It's a very easy pattern, so I don't really feel like I accomplished anything with it.. But I bet you anything my 7 year old niece will love it. My second poncho should be finished by the end of the week. So yes, while I do not understand the whole poncho movement, I have jumped feet first into the craze.. And I'm considering making one for myself.


TheodoraK said...

Ponchos are fabulous, especially for those of us who are older and menopausal. Armpits are left free to breathe and ponchos are easily removed. It's an easy way to get warmer when you're cold also. Lay off ponchos.

aimee noel said...

I am slowly warming up to ponchos, I have to admit. Perhaps my mom would like one, I can't even drive in the same car as her anymore because she always has the AC on *shivers*

Anyways, I really didn't mean what I said about them. I just thought the title was funny.