Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Stocking Ornament


This is a very rough draft of this pattern. I've been asked about it, so I thought I would just post what I have. I've only knit it once and gave it away, so this is all from memory:

I basically just used a simple sock pattern, this sock pattern is a good example, the toe-up version. I used size 3 needles and DK weight. I think I cast on 8 stitches with Judy’s Magic Cast on, increased a few times (but not as much as the pattern). knit for an inch, do the short-row heel (there's one in the pattern I linked to, adjust the numbers, though, since you’ll probably be using a different number of stitches).

After the heel, knit for a few inches (however tall you want the stocking). Change to the cuff color (I used a worsted weight from my stash) and k1p1 ribbing for 1.5 inches. I did an i-cord loop. When I changed from the red to white, I didn’t cut the red, so I just picked up 3 stitches with the red from there. make your loop as long as you want it. a couple of inches is probably good. I stuffed it lightly and sewed the top closed (like in the hat pattern, right above the color change, so there’s no red showing).

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